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Brazil Orchids Nursery

I am Reinaldo Ilaci, owner and founder of Orquidário Paulista "" located in São Paulo, Brazil.
I promote my company through our website, physical store and participation in national and international conventions and or expositions.
We have more than 17 years of experience on orchid species and different varieties. We aim to promote, sell and teach orchid cultivation. Throughout these years we have focused on breeding and geneticly improving orchid species. We had the privilege and honor of participating in those shows listed below; where we had the opportunity to show, teach and market all kinds of species that we cultivate and grow in Brazil.
Follows a list of some of the programs we have participated, and there are also, some links to our youtube channel. Although the info presented is in Portuguese, it may still be helpful as to give you an idea of our history.

* Tokyo Dome February 2018 Japan Grand Prix -蘭- International Orchid Festival.

* The Redland Show - Sales I May 2017 until today.

* USA - Tamiami International Orchid Festival | January 2015 until today.

* Italy - Monte Porcio Cantoni Sales | May 2015.

* Portugal - Porto Sales and Lecture | April 2014.

* Brazil - DPAVI Park Ibirapuera Travel Division, replanting and cultivation.

* AOSP (Orchid Association of São Paulo) Sales and Lecture from 2004 until today twice a year. Participation in the trial and selection of the exhibition plants.

* Botanical Garden of São Paulo – Brazil | Sales, exhibitor and judgment of the exposed plants since 2003 until today.

Videos links:

* New support successful for cultivating orchids.
We would like to take this instant to THANK YOU for your time and we look forward to hear from you.